22 April 2010

it's offish

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I bought the tickets a few weeks ago; I fly out June 9th. I'll be hitting up Chi-town, Boston, Reykjavik, Paris, and finally landing in Nice on June 10th.
So far, I've booked one night in Nice, and might do a couple more. The company wanted to put me up in Baiardo until they place me, but now they've changed their mind and want to send me to Milan instead. . . I think I'm going to just get a few more nights in Nice because I've heard horror stories about the Milan flat.
More later obvs.

03 April 2010

the forecast for summer '10

It occurs to me that I haven't updated anyone on my summer plans. Well, here's the scoop so far:

I've been accepted back by my teaching program in Italy. I'm thinking I'll do that all summer, spend the 2 week break in Madrid looking for work, then move there after the end of the season. I don't plan to come back until at least Christmas.

As we speak, I'm looking through flights. I had considered visiting people on my way over, but that just feels like such a hassle right now. I'd rather go over a few days early and spend the extra time on the beach in Nice. Accordingly, here are a few of my possible flight plans:
Fly to ATL to TOR to KEF (yep that's Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland) to LHR (London Heathrow) to NCE
Fly to ORD to TOR to KEF to LHR to NCE
Fly to ATL to JFK/BOS to SHN to DUB to MAD to BGY (one of the Milan airports)
Fly to ATL to BOS to DUB to LHR to NCE
Fly to ORD to DUB to NCE

You may think that that last one would be the obvious winner, but it almost seems a little too simple for me. I kind of want to see how many flights I can take and how many different countries I can hit up. I've never been to Canada or Iceland.