Poll Results

Week of January 15th: 
Where should Lizzie go next? It was a tie between Peru and Ecuador, with Bolivia and Colombia each getting a vote.

Week of January 1st:
Which of Lizzie's New Year's resolution is most likely to end in unmitigated disaster?
Horseback riding got 50% of the votes, followed by learning to play guitar and surfing with one vote each.

Week of December 23rd:

Which celeb and frequent vacationer at Jose Ignacio would you most like to see Lizzie get engaged to this summer?

Ignacio Figueras got 4 votes, Shakira was second with 2 votes, and Leonardo DiCaprio finished third with 1 vote. Michael Schumacher. . . better luck next time.

Week of November 19th:
What's your favorite Thanksgiving side?
Mashed potatoes got one vote, but creamed spinach dominated with two votes. So I made my own. I think I'll stick with Boston Market's version, though.

Week of November 12th:
Where should Lizzie go in order to renew her travel visa?
a) Chile
b) Uruguay 
c) Antarctica
d) Colombia
This was a tight race, with 3 votes going to Uruguay and 4 in favor of Antarctica. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Week of November 2nd:
Let's take bets on how soon Lizzie will be completely destitute and return home a la the Prodigal Son:
a) I give her two months at most.
b) She'll surprise everyone and make it in BA.
c) She won't be able to last any longer than early 2011.

Week of October 26th:
When should Lizzie come home?
a) May
b) Christmas
c) Don't miss her at all; she can stay as long as she likes
d) As soon as is Lizzily possible
There was also a large contingency in favour of a Christmas return. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Week of October 18th:
Peer deep into Lizzie's subconscious. . . what is the dream job she doesn't even know she's dreaming of?
a) Travel Writer
b) Sommelier
c) Circus Performer
d) Flight Attendant

I think we all agree on this- I was born to be a travel writer. I just want to know who thinks I'm cut out to be a sommelier? I mean, first of all, I applaud you for even knowing what a sommelier is (and for those of you who don't, it's basically someone who pairs wine with meals professionally. . . and yes I only know that because of Top Chef). Thanks to everyone who voted.

Week of October 11th:
What do you think of the blog makeover?
a) It's pretentious. All of Lizzie's newfound fame and popularity have obvs gone to her head.
b) I like it- the old layout was getting a bit stale.
c) She changed the layout?!

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