23 July 2009


We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control, no dark sarcasm in the classroom. . . Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!

It was sad, but my time in Naples eventually had to come to a close, and the Fantastic Four (Kelsey, Kristen, Josephine, and myself) were split up. To tell you the truth, I was probably sadder to leave our cottage, which we named something like the Villa St. Taverna (among other things), than I was to leave Josephine after 6 weeks with her (just kidding just kidding!!!).
So we left Napoli the way we'd arrived: by train on a dreary day. Although we would all be going to different camps (except for Josephine and Kelsey), we would be going as far as Milan together. I personally had more than 7 hours of travel in store for me (thank goodness for season one of Gossip Girl).
The train to Milan was about 30 minutes late. . . which was ironic, because I had almost exactly 30 minutes to catch my second train. This gave me no time to say goodbye to any of the other girls- I just jumped off the train and tried to run with my luggage. It's rather more difficult than I'd anticipated, so I was pretty much just doing this awkward waddling thing. Long story short, I caught my train, even though the travel information I'd been given had included info on the next train to catch if I missed the first. Unfortunately, I don't think my camp director had been given info on the first train, because she sent someone to pick me up at the station an hour after I arrived. Oh well, that's Italy for you.
So now I'm in Prevalle, with two tutors I've never worked with. I ended up with a red/blue class, mostly 11-year-olds, which I really like. They're a lot less stressful than my last group, and so far we get along really well. The show for this week looks like it's going to be called 'Tarzan Goes to English Camp'- I took a page out of Josephine's book there with the English tie-in because her shows were all called things like 'Under the English Sea,' 'English in Space,' and 'English Farm.' It's Thursday already, so I should probably get going on a script.
We got our info on our next camp yesterday. It looks like one of the other tutors and I will be headed up the mountain 10 minutes to a town called Serle or something? Not sure. I'm excited about the lack of travel stress this weekend.
My time in Italy is slowly coming to a close, in case you hadn't realized it. If there's anything that anyone wants from here (or all of Europe, really), you need to let me know asap! Miss you all!


Jen said...

We miss you, too! Glad you are having a good time!!

center my heart said...

I want cafe con leche mix. The kind from la Mercadona. Gracias! :)