24 December 2009

any way the wind blows. . .

Well the wind is blowing
where am I going?*

Six months until. . . what? Six months until I'm gone? Or will I still be here? I've been saying for ages that I'm going to flee the country first chance I get, but the closer I get to graduation, the less sure I am about that.

Here are my options:
  1. Return to Italy, teach another summer. This would be brilliant, and I'm considering it very seriously, but I would still have to figure out something to do after September.
  2. Go back to Madrid, bartend for a bit and try and get a job teaching English.
  3. Start looking for something in Nice.
  4. Stay here and get a real job and a real place.

In all likelihood, I'll end up teaching all summer and then settle somewhere for the winter. I'm pretty certain I won't stay here- there's just so much I want to get away from. People I could do without ever seeing again for as long as I live. I need to get back to where I feel unstifled, to where I feel perfect and free and completely brilliant. But I'm not sure where exactly that is yet.

The only thing that I know for certain is that I don't want anything to be certain. I can't handle plans; I can't handle being tied down to something. Only six more months.

*The White Stripes

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