13 May 2009

Three weeks to go. . .

So I've just done the math, and in exactly three weeks, I will in an airport (paranoia dictates that I not specify which airport), waiting for a flight to take me over an ocean (again, I can not specify the specific ocean) to a certain city in Europe (which city? Not telling). Still, that is some exciting stuff.
I'm finishing up school right now. Yesterday was my Latin final- I know, random. But I took Latin because a) even though it's only my junior year, I've nearly run out of classes to take, and b) it's the closest thing this school offers to Italian, and I was hoping to know a little before I left.
I learned a lot. I can recount plenty of the stories in Ovid's Metamorphoses, and I can translate sentences about giving worthy gifts to the gods and nymphs and satyrs and things of that nature. But do I really want to? Not so much. And because I already know Spanish, I don't think I learned anything that will help me with Italian.
Taking that class really made it clear that I have some horrible study habits, i.e. I don't study. I follow along in class, and I do the homework, but when we're supposed to read ahead and translate, I don't. Turns out I have an amazing new talent: sight-reading Latin. (*For any children reading this, I just want them to know that not studying is very, very bad, and will inevitably lead to me living in a box, eating at soup kitchens, and altogether failing at life.)
I think I'm going to make a great teacher.

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Anonymous said...

I think you will make a great teacher too! Hopefully you will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean if you are going to Europe...........guess you could go the other way but WHAT A FLIGHT that would be! :-)