15 August 2009

Beginning to wrap up the summer. . .

As my Summer of the Perpetual Dehydration comes all too quickly to its end, I just thought I ought to share a few fun facts with you:
Days during which I was dehydrated: All of them
Number of times I applied sunscreen: 0
Amount of pizza consumed by the four of us at the Villa di Napoli: Probably enough to pay Vittorio the pizza-maker's rent for the month
Number of men named Fabio whom I encountered: 1
Cities lived in while in Italy: 8
Favorite place visited during the entire summer: Nice
Best quotes of the summer: "GREEN BUTTON GREEN BUTTON GREEN BUTTON!!!", "You've got lips like a Bratz doll", "Liz has been dying to hold a man's hand since she came to Italy", "I don't understand- Ermes!", "How do you say 'I think you look beautiful' in Italian? Yes, I just took it there!", "I want to find Donkey and rip his nose off of his face and poke out his eyes", "Nice to meet you John and Paul; where are George and Ringo?"
Number of times Wizard of Oz was referenced in my presence: Well over 40, and probably up around 50
Favorite songs for the summer: Anything by the Killers, New York, New York by Frank Sinatra, Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert, Relax by Mika

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