21 September 2010

lizzie makes a triumphant return to madrid

Okay I have about four minutes until I run out of internet credit so I've got to make this brief.
1) Flew into Madrid Sunday afternoon. Promptly hung out with a one Chris Dailey, one of the coolest guys I know. Watched some soccer, then met up with a certain bagpiper to reminisce about the good old times. Sipped some tinto de verano in the park until the wee hours. Spent much of the next day in bed- not due to the drinking, but rather the tuberculosis which I suspect I have. Seriously, I was literally coughing blood yesterday. What else. . . wandered around solo last night, stalked some street musicians (as I do), today met up with a friend that I haven't seen since Venice 2 years ago, gave a tour, now am here, getting ready to see Chris again and then my piping friend.
Anyway I fly out tonight and I think the municipal police here give the Carabinieri a run for their money!

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