24 December 2010

it's written in the wind

"So this is Christmas?"
-A song about Christmas

I was informed last night that I get to go to the polo matches we're hosting in two weeks! These are major events, with a thousand people expected to attend the men's match. The next step is getting myself into the after-party at the Setai Club. That may be considerably more difficult to do, because they have a whole wristband thing going on. But now at least I have an opportunity to attend the match, catch the eye of some sexy polo player, and get him to insist that I accompany him to the after-party. And come on, that's what I do best.[i]


[i] Kansas, Lizzie. "Nice is Nice." 12 August 2009. http://lizzieinmadrid.blogspot.com/2009/08/nice-is-nice.html

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