14 September 2008

Besos, besos, sloppy besos!

I just really felt that this needed to be shared:
Thursday morning as we were getting ready to head out the door, we realized that one of our roommates still wasn't up. We woke her up, and ran out the door. On the way to class she told us that the night before she'd stayed up til 3 studying/having a beer, and then couldn't get to sleep. So she took an Ambien. That didn't seem to work, so she'd taken another- roughly five hours before we'd needed to leave to catch our bus. We were a little bit worried about her, of course, but she seemed to be fine, and was also extremely amusing.
After we heard her story about the sleeping pills, the note we'd found on our refrigerator made slightly more sense:
Don't worry if it doesn't make sense to you- it doesn't entirely make sense to us either. It says "Holla chicas (este es un manana notica bueno. A mi special alguienes [this is a good morning note [?] to my special someones]), FYI. . . en la tarde, yo sacare la basura [in the afternoon, I will take out the trash]. Besos! Besos! Sloppy besos!" And yes, that is a pair of lips with eyes and a smile drawn on them, and that is a dripping tongue sticking out of them.
Just thought you'd like to see what the atmosphere is like in the apartment.


Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUU!! voy a paris...mama dise que yo should ir a france y nous pourrons rencontre!!! yo se que ca ne veut rien dire...

Dave Lundgren said...

It's always funny when someone who's tired and had "a beer" tries to verbally get their point across to someone. It's really funny when they try to put their thoughts on paper!