17 July 2010

let's play a game called 'guess where lizzie's sleeping tonight'

I left Lurago d'Erba at 11am, still unaware of where I'd be ending the day. Secretly, I wanted to stay in Milan for the night and head to Sanremo in the morning, so I could spend the week with Josephine (and Taylor too, it turns out). That's why, instead of calling the boss early to check like a model employee might have, I waited for the call he promised and, when it didn't come, I boarded the train to Milan anyway. Besides, it was only 45 minutes away and I would almost certainly have had to travel through there no matter what.

Upon my arrival in Cadorna station, I gave him a ring and, well, here's where I ended up for the day. . .

First let me tell you how the phone convo went. I called timidly, expecting a reprimand and for him to say he'd lost my number and was worried sick or something.
"Is this Liz?" he asked immediately.
"Um. . . yeah."
"How's it going?"
"Pretty good. . ." I began, and then asked the crucial question: "Am I still meant to go to Baiardo?"
"Oh. Right. Sorry, yeah you are."
"Oh, okay. Thanks, bye."

He called back a moment later, as I was celebrating, but it was only to double-check about my arrival time.

So that's that! I'm sitting in a sweltering hostel, eating pesto bruschetta in bed (don't tell the hostel owner), planning for tomorrow. Looks like I'm getting up around 7, hopping on the Metro at 8, and taking the 9:05 to Sanremo. Four hours after that, I'll be reunited with my Josephine!

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Mom said...

Keep an eye open for 'Roberto di Milano', our 2006 tour guide. . .