17 July 2010

trying to wrap things up before i go without internet for a week

First off, the best things I've eaten in the past week:
  • Cold pasta for lunch yesterday. It was some sort of tiny, twisted pasta- fusilli maybe?- with pesto, chunks of potato and green beans. I have no idea what that's called, but I've had it a few times before and I want to have it again.
  • Basil tagliatelle with marinara. I don't know what Fabiola's secret was but that was delicious.
  • Special K. Turns out it's better than I remember.
Also, my host sis drank her beer faster than me at the brewery we went to last Saturday. She's 15.

I went running twice this week. Both times I took the same route, up a couple of steep hills and around town to the church (conveniently located on a hill). I probably was gone for about 45 minutes, and since I haven't been able to run regularly, I was mixing it up with walking and running. My host dad also went running, once while we were out at the lake. He returned an hour later, drenched in sweat, wearing a Rambo-style headband, a Camelbak, and a Garmin watch. I am willing to bet that there was no walking in his workout. Advantage, host dad.

There's more, but I can't even remember. Now I have to get to bed so I can catch the 9:05 down to Sanremo tomorrow morning!

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Jasey said...

i'm not sure what the deal is..
but special k is so much better in italia than it is here!
i practically lived off of it.