23 July 2010

the mountain times

''Let's take a trip back in time. . . to the days of Sean Paul. . .''
-Girl on bus down from Baiardo

This week's been absolutely insane. I mean, combine the unbelieveable natural beauty of the mountains, 50 bored tutors, cheap alcohol, and a ''What happens in Baiardo. . .'' attitude and the result is predictably chaotic.

But let me begin with my departure from Milan. Thanks to a hotel manager who was bound and determined to feed me an awful breakfast of packaged brioche and boxed juice, I came within probably 15 seconds of missing my train to Sanremo. I was sprinting up escalators, running with my 40 lb suitcase over my head- it was unbelievable. I felt as though I'd done a full workout by the time I got on the train, and that was before I'd even made my way through six carriages to my reserved seat, carrying my suitcase over my head in all of those carriages but one.

But finally I arrived in Sanremo, and found my Josephine. We had four hours until our bus up the mountain, during which time we bonded intensely, of course. Once up the mountain (it's an hour-long journey along winding one-lane roads, and the drivers honks his horn before every turn so that other drivers in smaller, lesser vehicles may be warned), we were assigned to our houses, and Joshy and I managed to stick together. I've got my own room, with a large bed, and a balcony overlooking probably the best view in the entire town. Only downside is the lack of door. Plus the friend I found in there on Sunday night.

Let me explain: after dinner that night, I went to bed fairly early. Josephine said she'd come up and say good night, but by then I was already asleep. I woke up, though, when I heard her turn the lights off. I sat in bed for a moment, dazed, trying to make out a shape on the wall. Could it be? My own pet scorpion?

I texted Josephine immediately. ''Did you really just turn the lights off in my room and do nothing about the SCORPION ON MY WALL?!'' She ran back up the stairs, laughing the whole way, telling me I was imagining it. When I showed it to her, she said it was probably dead. Then she threw a candle at it, and it moved. After she hit it with a spare hanger, it fell behind the wardrobe, never to be seen again (we hope).

I've taken the bus down to Sanremo a few times, for internet and the beach. Mostly, though, I've spent my days on my balcony, tanning and watching Gossip Girl. Can you imagine anything better?

Last night we learned where we'd be going tomorrow. I'm off to Quarto d'Altino, very close to Venice. It's a two week camp, and after that I'll have two weeks of break due to low tutor demand. Should be a good time.

Plans for the rest of the day: buy a falafel wrap from the kebab place on the square, get my phone topped up, and then head back up the mountain to clean and help with dinner. Hopefully I'll get wifi in Quarto!

PS: I can not get over the music they're playing in this internet cafe. There was some Christina Aguilera, some Duffy, a little Train, and now it's 'The Great Gig in the Sky' by Pink Floyd. Quite a variety.

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