03 October 2010

i never liked gnocchi

"My, people come and go so quickly here."
-Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

So, what's happened since I posted last? I can't think of much, even though it's been a week. I've seen plenty of Buenos Aires, I've looked (unsuccessfully) for a job and (semi-successfully) for a place to live, and I've met some really interesting people. And I never did solve the mystery of that boy in my bed. The other girls had no idea who he was and assumed he belonged to me (which he certainly didn't).

One night, as I was playing cards with a couple of the boys, a Brazilian guy approached me and basically started raving about my blue eyes and asked if he could take a picture of them. I tried to explain that they are, in fact, green, and I hate it when people think they're blue, but he just kept repeating, "Yes! The eyes blue!" and told me people back home wouldn't believe it. We tried to distract him and get him to leave but in the end we had to just let him have his photo. It was so strange. He had a 17 year old wife or fiancee and said he couldn't wait to show her the photo of him and I holding hands looking like we were engaged or something. So, so very, very strange.

I'm not done talking, but I do have to go just for a bit. I'm looking into moving into a b&b/guesthouse-ish sort of place, so I have to run and check it out before I, you know, hand over my cash moneys and all that. More later.

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