07 October 2010

job-free's the way to be

Well actually, as it turns out, it's not the way to be. I can think of a whole bunch of great things that it's good to be free of- STI's, Brazilian creepers, bed bugs- and I wouldn't really include jobs on that list because, as we all know, being job-free frequently correlates directly with being money-free. Which will then likely lead to being food-free, place to sleep-free, and life-free.

Don't think I haven't been looking. I'm sending out 5 or more emails a day to prospective employers, but I usually don't hear back. I did, however, have an interview two days ago to be- wait for it, wait for it- a cupcake deliverer, and I'm optimistic about that.

In other vagabond news, I am now somewhat less of a vagabond, as I have a place to live. An apartment somewhere between Recoleta, Palermo, Almagro, and Villa Crespo. All pretty decent areas. It's right next door to a church for evangelical Christians of the Asian persuasion, and across the street from what appears to be a taxi company, in a fairly quiet residential area, between two of the busiest streets in Buenos Aires.

My room is very big, and very airy, with a king-sized bed and a wall of cabinets and closet space. I do have to share a bathroom with the owner, but she's usually at work by the time I wake up. There will be another American girl moving back into one of the upstairs bedrooms, and people have been coming by to look at the other rooms.

Here's what my room looks like:
That would be my king-sized bed (really two twins pushed together) which I moved to the corner, which I may move back to the center of that red wall (I'm currently exploring my options). That comforter is just so comforting- laying in that bed is like burrowing into a mountain of marshmallows. It's fabulous.
And that would be my quaint little sewing machine of a desk, with some art supplies on it.
I was blown away by all the storage space too!


Anonymous said...

Nice room! I like it! Still want some street scene photos so we can see the area too.

Mom said...

The problem with the storage space is transporting the things you store to the next city on your travels. . . Loved seeing your room in good light! Looks a little better than Skype lighting :)