24 November 2010

el dia despues de thanksgiving

"What's pumpkin? Is that the orange thing?"
"And what is- what is Spongebob's house?"
"A pineapple."
-A snippet of convo between my German sister and my American sister Kat

Basically, I'm thankful for skype, which enabled me to participate in Thanksgiving with my family two nights ago and hear that little gem between Theresa and Kat. That picture is of Katsy feeding me pumpkin pie through skype. It was delicious.

I got to babysit on Thanksgiving, and we walked down to the rose garden and milled around there for a bit. Those children really are delightful, even though all they ever want me to do now is push the double stroller while jogging. It's intense.

The American girls that I met through Dave did a Thanksgiving thing Thursday night, so we went over there bearing gifts. I brought mashed potatoes, which are kinda my thing, and macaroni and cheese, which is kinda not my thing, as it turns out. But whatevs. There was green bean casserole, and chicken in place of turkey, and a chocolate cake, and some salad, and a good time was had by all.

Today was pretty lazy for me. I went running for a couple of hours in 90-degree heat and intense humidity, and that was pretty brutal. Hopefully I got a little sun, though. Going home with a tan should hopefully make all the homesickness worth it.

Plans for the weekend? You guessed it: nothing. I am hoping to venture downtown in search of a foundation that is actually pale enough for me, and then I'd like to see Harry Potter finally. But then again, I might just stay inside so I don't melt from this vicious heat. Clearly, it's shaping up to be a wild weekend.
(*I started this post on the 24th but didn't finish it until today, the 26th, thus, the inaccurate time stamp)

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