29 November 2010

mmm stuffed peppers and black bean soup

Let me be clear about one thing: this is not a cooking blog. It has never been a cooking blog. It will never be a cooking blog. Because if it ever becomes one, that will mean that preparing food is the only exciting thing in my life. (Or that I'm a famous chef, which would be acceptable.)

However, I made some awesome black bean soup and stuffed peppers last night, and I just wanted to share that with you.

I might be moving out this week; I'm not sure. If you've seen the poll at the bottom of the page, you know that I'm exploring my options. To elaborate, I'm meeting with a lady this evening about being a part-time receptionist at her hostel. In exchange, I would have a place to stay and a kitchen and patio and all of that.

Doing that would save me about $400 a month, but I would sure miss my room here.

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