16 June 2009

Day 2

So yesterday was our second day of teaching here at Modigliana (our second day of teaching at all, actually). I would like to start off by reassuring you and saying that it went as well as the first day went poorly. There were, however, a few kinks, but I will tell you all about them.
Firstly, my window got fixed. That was pretty great, but didn't actually seem to help at all. It's still hot as here and it will only get hotter.
Nextly, while we were in the gym playing dodgeball (yeah, you're allowed to do that here), we found a lizard that had wandered in. I had to shoo it outside while all the kids watched and laughed.
Thirdly, a scorpion also invaded our gymnasium while my class was sitting around discussing our final show (which very nearly became Pokemon+Garfield+Lord of the Rings). I had never seen one before, but it fell on me to scoop it up on a piece of paper and toss it outside. That's a life experience for you.
Okay and also I really must tell you about Bruno. I told you there was another girl teaching here with me, right? Well we're in seperate homestays. On Saturday night, she was introduced to her host mother, Luisella. She got all excited because Luisella was really nice and had three cute daughters, but then we all went to see the place where Josephine (the other tutor) would be staying, and it was a one-person apartment. Turns out Josephine would be staying with Luisella's brother Bruno because Luisella was going out of town. So we figured this was just for one night, but turns out that Luisella agreed to host Josephine in exchange for a discount for her daughter in the English camp, but she's making her stay with Bruno.
Here's the best part: Bruno is a 45 year old guy with huge glasses and a big potbelly, who has hundreds and hundreds of bike magazines around his apartment, and has taped every bike race since 1980 and watches them regularly. Sometimes he watches Josephine while she sleeps, and on Sunday he made her go hiking with him. Along the way, he quoted Back to the Future non-stop. Around this town, if you say, "Do you know Bruno?" people groan and roll their eyes, because he's known as a rather talkative guy. We've had quite a few jokes at Bruno's expense.
All right, so I should probably get going. It looks like maybe some rain today, which would be great, because yesterday I checked the weather at 6pm and it was 86 but felt like 93. At 6 pm. So hopefully today's a little cooler. Later!

My new friend


Uncle Dave said...

Firstly, hope it cools off for you.

Nextly, good thing you're not squeamish around critters.

Thirdly, very glad you ended up with Olga. Poor Josephine.

Mom said...

You'll never forget the Italian word for scorpion now! Nor will the kids probably ever forget the English word (in high-pitched tones?).

P.S.- That storm the other night that Uncle Dave referred to? The walnut tree closest to the garage/cars split, but only landed on grass and driveway. And the tubes are full of branches and tree trunks that washed down the creek! Now summer heat and humidity begin. . .