02 June 2009

It's go time. . . almost

So here we are- the night before I depart for Europe.

Am I ready to go? Probably not. I did spend the day going around, trying to pick up all the little things I still needed to get. I really wanted to find a powder blue Royals jersey in a smallish size, but the only Royals tees I found anywhere were royal blue (go figure) and in massive sizes. Soooo I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. Looks like I won't be reppin' the Killa City after all.
Cowboy boots- while they were initially under heavy consideration, I ultimately determined that they were simply too impractical. I wear mine more as work shoes and less as a a fashion statement, and yesterday was no exception. But Grace and I spent the day at our grandparents' house, and we ended up spending quite a bit of time in the calf pen, seperating them by gender and then moving the little steer calves over to Becky's. Soooo my boots are now a little on the filthy side. (I recognize that most people would just wear old tennies to work in, but I really hate the feeling of tall grass on my legs, and I don't have a pair of rain boots right now that fit me, so I wear my tan ostrich and cowhide cowboy boots. Don't hate.) Plus they weigh entirely too much to justify taking them. It makes me a little sad; I was just really beginning to break them in, and they're such an unmistakeably American staple- but that's probably for the best. I will, however, miss the swagger I take on while wearing them.

Here's a rough approximation of what I will be taking:

A pair of khaki shorts and a pair of brown shorts, per the program's recommendations
3 or 4 tank tops that match either pair of shorts
1 pair of softball shorts that I plan on running in
2 shirts that I can either wear with said shorts or my softball shorts
4 dresses, in varying degrees of formality
A couple of pairs of leggings, one for possibly running in and the other for wearing under dresses when I need to class it up a notch
Brown sandals
Flippy-floppies (not familiar with that term? Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOvaCV6uQp8. . . heads up, it's edited but still pretty intense)
Maybe some heels, because I feel that I don't wear them enough and I really ought to
A jacket?
Some short shorts to sleep in
That's the big stuff. . . I think. I still have to figure out what toiletries and makeup I'm bringing.

So. . . I tried to find a picture of my face expressing pretty much how I feel right about now:

Yep. That's me, and that's how I feel right now- a little nervous. I just know I've forgotten something important.

Next time I update you, I hope to be in Europe. . . or at least on the East Coast.



Becky Lundgren said...

>> Soooo my boots are now a little on the filthy side. I recognize that most people would just wear old tennies to work in <<
Why yes, because you can *wash* tennies. LOL

Jasey said...

update sooner!
tell me ALL about it!