14 June 2009

"Hello my name is Dorothy/I am a little girl"

First day of class tomorrow. I will be teaching a group of 6 8-10 year olds from 9-5:30. We're going to start off with some cheers and whatnot to get everyone going- I think we've decided on Boom Chicka Boom, Jump In/Jump Out, and the Name Wave. After that, it's three hours or so of lessons. I believe tomorrow is partially assessment, and then workbooks. Then it's lunch, and the afternoon we will spend working on invitations for our spectacle on Friday (forget that we know nothing about where or what time it will be held). We'll end the day with some more songs and games (Blob anyone?) before handing the ragazzi back to their parents (hope I used that word correctly).
It goes without saying that I'm nervous, so I'm just going to talk about something else.
I had been expecting Modigliana to be a little more Sound of Music, but. . . well, I don't know. There are a lot of apartment buildings, but on the other hand, it takes like a half hour to quite literally walk around the entire town. Trust me, I did it.
But really, it's not too terribly different from home. . . except here we've got mountains and vineyards. Be jealous. Huge similarity: it's hay season here. I'm not sure why this shocked me- I mean, it's the summertime, things grow here, and livestock always need to eat so. . . yeah. They even drive tractors and combines and do their hay bales up all round like we do at home. Never thought the idea of hay season could soothe me this much.
Honestly, though, ever since I flew out of Kansas City, high above the country roads dividing the ample land into mile after endless flat mile, since I last caught a glint of light reflecting off of a muddy country stream, I've missed home. That's why these silly little familiar things mean so very much to me.
There is so so so much more to add in which I continuously forget, but I absolutely must go to bed now before I die of lack of sleep. Love you! Bye bye bye!


Mark said...

Haha Liz these posts are fantastic. Glad you're having such a good time- Modigliana sounds great! Good luck teaching tomorrow.

Uncle Dave said...

Got out my Michelin map of Italy and followed your journey to Modigliana. It sounds interesting. Pictures please. Fairly close to Florence, a great city with a lot of history.

Uncle Dave