08 June 2009

Journeying on

All right, I know this is probably a little confusing, but I'm no longer in Madrid; rather, I'm in Sanremo, Italy. I'll try to summarize briefly the last few days. . .
Okay. Friday. Kelsey day. Left the hostel around 10 am with a couple of the girls from my room because I hadn't heard from Kelsey and we were all ravenous. Walked down to Calle Atocha (a fairly big street) and took chocolate con churros AND tortilla at a little cafe. I gave the girls as much info as I could think up on Madrid, and then I took them down through Sol (under construction now! ridiculous!) to Gran Via, back towards Opera, then past the Palacio Real and through the Plaza de Espana, to Calle Princesa before I heard from Kelsey and both the other girls were thoroughly exhausted.
Met up with Kelsey and took pretty much the same route, only with a lot more picture taking. I love her! And I proved it by carving our initials into one of the trees in Parque del Oeste (don't tell). What else. . . oh, we walked for hours. We walked all the way from Parque del Oeste (if you're looking on a map of Madrid, it's at the extreme left) down to Calle Atocha so that I could pretty much escort her to the train station so she could get back to where she was staying. I'll put pics up when I go somewhere with wifi, rather than using an internet cafe.
Saturday I did some more exploring. I went through Retiro (by myself, yes, don't freak out), visited my old apartment, had a bocadillo at Bar Los Bocadillos for old time's sake. . . good times. Met up with a friend who'd done this Italy program before and asked him some questions about it. Spent more hours talking in the bar than the bartender spent working. Went to the airport and spent the night there.
6 am Sunday morning, I boarded a plane for Milan. After that, I took a bus to the Milan train station and a train out here to Sanremo. Fell asleep at 7 last night out of pure exhaustion.
Today was the first day of orientation. I was told I could potentially be discouraged by all the information at once and the 8 hours 9 hours of orientation, but I thought it went by fast. Tonight=dinner, and then more orientation til Friday, when we get assigned to our camps. I'll give more deets when I've got a free moment. Til then, much love! I will talk to everyone soon!


Mom said...

What an adventure- I'll call Gmom and tell her you are there. It's a good sign that your day didn't seem that long! Can't wait to hear more!

Becky Lundgren said...

G'Mom will be glad to know you're being (somewhat) careful. LOL
You should be out of orientation by now, and ON YOUR WAY...