01 January 2011

2010 by the numbers

While waiting in the airport before my flight here a few weeks ago, I made a list of all the flights I've taken since I really started traveling in 2008. Since September, 2008, when I departed for Madrid, I've flown on a total of 44 flights. 23 of these flights were international, and 18 crossed a major body of water. Six were transatlantic flights.

This year alone I've been on 13 flights. Two of those crossed the Atlantic. I would really love to try and figure out the number of hours I've spent flying, or the number of hours I've spent in airports, but I feel like that would be just as impossible as trying to count the precise number of times I traveled Italy by train.

So that got me thinking--what are some other notable statistics from my year?

Times I applied sunscreen over the course of the European summer: 1
Times I have applied sunscreen since arriving in Uruguay: as many as possible
Quotes: "My revenge will be terrible!" "Ad astra per aspera" "I declare this the summer of Liz!" "Do something Irish!" "The best revenge is living well."
Countries visited: 8 (that seems low. . .)
Countries lived in: 4
Places I want to see again: Iceland, Nice, Viterbo, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Madrid, Buenos Aires
Places I hope to visit in the next year: Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, Antarctica, Italy, Spain, England, and Home
Blog posts: 75
Bikinis purchased: 5
Ferraris in which I was a passenger: 1
Weeks of English camp taught: 10
Flavors of gelato tasted: more than I can count
People I've met in Uruguay who have been to Kansas/know where it is: 1
Bottles of vitamins my mother sent with me: 3
Months is took me to take said vitamins: 6
Indoor pools I had all to myself: 1
Currencies used: 6 (US dollar, Icelandic money, Euro, Croatian kuna, Argentine peso, Uruguayan peso)
Days I've been away from home: 206
A few songs of the summer: Tik Tok (Ke$ha), Waka Waka (Shakira), Monster (Kanye West feat. Bon Iver, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Nicki Minaj), Paul Revere (Beastie Boys), Young Forever (Jay-Z), Forget You (Cee Lo).

That's all I can think of for now. If you can think of any other interesting statistics or fun facts you want to know, comment.

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