14 January 2011

the one where lizzie disappears for a little bit

So. I disregarded poll results and made my decision without any external input. As planned, I went down to the bus terminal to scope things out, and there I found three companies with advertised service to either Cusco or Tacna, the first town over the border in Peru. Only one of those companies had any available seats within the next week, so I jumped on that. As I result, I'm going to be in Cruz del Sur's last available seat on a bus to Tacna tomorrow. Once in Tacna, I plan on finding a bus to Cusco as soon as possible. Or sleeping in the bus station.

Did I mention that I will be spending three whole days on this first bus to Tacna?

Oh yes. I'm gonna head to the Coto tomorrow and stock up on snacks and drinks before I leave. And maybe sleeping pills.

It's been a busy couple of days in Buenos Aires. I actually have more positive feelings towards this city now that I'm back in it. Taking the Subte, getting whistled at in the street and having awkward exchanges with shopkeepers are much more enjoyable the second time around. Abasto was beautiful, much more than I remembered. And it's really nice to be able to find familiar brands and flavors. Like my melon-flavored water. And cream cheese and tiny onion-flavored bagel chips. My very favorites.

But tomorrow marks the start of a new adventure, and soon I'll be acclimatising myself to new flavors and new customs. I hear they're big on guinea pig in Peru. . .

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