19 June 2010

arrivederci, viterbo!

Can't think of much to say about today besides the basics. I left Viterbo this morning around 9, got into Cassano d'Adda after 6, and am now at my home for the next week. It's a two-week camp, but I'll switch houses next Saturday. This place is complicated.
I hated so much to leave my family in Viterbo! The twins were just amazing and the parents were so nice and so fun! I stayed up watching calcio (soccer) with them after the girls had gone to bed every night. They've said I'm welcome back in the future, and they're certainly welcome to visit me any time (depending upon where I am).
The final show turned out all right. My kids were a little quiet, but the show lasted about 5 minutes, and they looked pretty adorable, especially which they did their Thriller dance (which they actually suggested). The twins, who were in a different class, had a great show, except the star refused to go onstage and the tutor had to be the Little Mermaid instead. All in all, it was a pretty good week at Viterbo camp.
My host family here is pretty great- it's Ludmila, Alissa, and Yuri. They're very nice and fun, and they're trying to speak English as much as possible. We had a great dinner and now I'm in my own room! More tomorrow, after I've met up with Josephine in Milan!!!

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