15 June 2010

viterbo 2

"Okay, love you, bye! . . .Wait, how do you turn this thing off? I keep getting these spam messages. . . I can't tell when it's off. . ."
-My mom, using skype

I was in a hurry the last time I updated because I was terrified that I would throw up at any second. And you know what? I did. On and off. For 10 hours.

On the upside, I did lose 10 pounds.

But anyway, I forgot to add a few things. Like when I mentioned that Kellan had said that people were asking about me- it was because the next night, on the port, both the woman who gave me my tickets and the guy who checked in with me about everything both said they kept hearing my name, and apparently there had been such a commotion about how to get me down from Baiardo. It's so weird to be so well-known in such a big company, but hopefully this means I'll be remembered later if I want to volunteer at orientation or something. It's good.

So. Viterbo camp. Things have been a little crazy here since I wasn't able to attend yesterday, so I was sort of thrown right into it today. I think I got a pretty successful warm-up song in, and got a good start on our end-of-the-week show. It's Wizard of Oz themed, so if anyone in Kansas dies at any point this week, I take full responsibility.

Dinner time!

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Mom said...

Hey- it was some sort of automated update of some sort. . . and it wouldn't let me shut off anything until it was over! Give me a break- I'm trying. . . And today the keyboard stopped working during the middle of a project- just beeped when I tried to type, and didn't work. Aarrggghhh!