01 June 2010

una settimanna

And if that's what you have in mind
Then that's what you're all about
Good luck movin' up, cuz I'm moving out.
-Billy Joel

In one week, I'll be in Reykjavik, waiting for my flight to Paris. I should probably start packing.

It's strange that I can't think of anything to write. I guess I still don't realize how soon it is. This last week will be spent with the people closest to me. Just a few of the things I have planned: making the most of my waterproof camera, playing with our adorable kittens, working out like crazy, and trying to figure out what my first few days back in Europe will look like.

There seems to be a little bit of confusion with my company as to where they want me to wait out the first weekend, so I'm still not sure where I'm going after my first night in Nice. Just another European adventure. . . Stay tuned, lizziephiles.

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