16 February 2011

changing of the gourd

I'm not really sure why I wrote 'gourd' instead of 'guard.' I guess I just sort of thought it would be funny. Sorry about that.

So last night was another Quiz Night. Guess who dominated: Jeremie's Angels. Again. Minus Jane, unfortunately, because she and James and Griffin had left earlier in the day for Ica, never to return. Modified Jeremie's Angels led all the way through the competition, sweeping the final round (famous faces). Champions two weeks running.

We went out afterwards to celebrate my 23rd. I wore the blue dress, Jocelyn wore another of the costume dresses, and Cass put on a dress shirt and Ray-Bans and went as Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Jeremie was supposed to wear the dinosaur costume out but ended up being too drunk by the time he finished work to say anything besides, "But it's so hot. . ."

Today Jocelyn and Cass leave. This will make me the only girl on staff, and one of maybe five or six people in total. It also makes me our longest-running bartender besides 'assistant manager' Jeremie. We're having an almost complete staff turnover this week, thus the changing of the gourd.

Tonight: Drinking games, and defense of my title as Loki's Elastigirl. Fingers crossed.

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