08 February 2011

saturday night's all right for fire (sorry, it was the best i could do)

First of all, someone's given Jeremie a megaphone. A megaphone. That makes siren noises. There are no words.

Anyway, Saturday night was supposed to be Facebook Birthday Party night, but that ended up being sort of an ill-conceived idea (how do you celebrate Facebook's birthday??), so we ended up turning it into some sort of costume party when we raided the fancy dress rack here in the bar. (Yes, we have a rack full of fancy dress clothes. Don't ask why.)

We had a dinosaur serving drinks behind the bar, several men in drag, a bug, and zebra, and me, in a blue, sequined dress that evoked Liza Minelli. I was still rocking the alpaca legwarmers, of course--until we went out. Yep, we wore our costumes out. (At least, the zebra and I and two of the men in drag did.)

First we went to Zazu's. They give us free drinks for sending our guests there, and one of their bartenders is also dating one of our front desk girls. We were up on the bar dancing right away, getting free drinks (which I turned down because I'd just brushed my teeth, prompting everyone to call me lame) and nearly catching ourselves on fire. One of the bartenders gave me a bottle of Sprite and had me shake it up and spray it over the crowd. So Coyote Ugly. This earned me the hatred of the entire dance floor. After an unfortunate incident involving a tube top, a lost 100 sol bill, and a sketchy bartender, we moved on to Mama Afrika, where we met up with friends and danced the rest of the night away.

Sunday night was the Super Bowl. Bless our kitchen staff: they tried their best to make classic, greasy, American food, but they were only mildly successful. You know what was totally successful though? Troy Polamalu's hair. That's a good-looking man right there--good-looking enough to make me disregard the actual score of the game. Mmm.

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