08 February 2011

vegas bombs and quiz night

Monday night is always Quiz Night here at Loki, and we kind of make a big deal out of it. Pub quizzes are way more popular in the UK than they are in the US, but I did Scholar's Bowl in high school (don't tell) and kind of rock at Jeopardy! when I watch from home (don't tell anyone about that, either), so they're kind of right up my alley.

A couple weeks ago I participated in the quiz with some British boys under the team name 'Bird is the Word' and we came third, and my team last week came third as well. This week, I teamed up with barladies Cass, Jocelyn, and Jane to form a team called--wait, let me set this story up first.

I came on last night at seven in the evening, and was met straightaway with a drink order for four 'Vegas Bombs.' What is a Vegas Bomb, you ask? Well, it's a magical creation that our own French-Canadian Jeremie has come up with, comprised of a normal-sized glass about three-quarters full of Red Bull and a little cranberry juice, and then a shot glass three-quarters full of Johnnie Walker, with splashes of rum and triple sec. You drop the shot glass into the larger glass and drink it as you would a Jaegerbomb or a Blood Bomb. Jeremie really sells the drink by telling anyone who will listen, "Is like when a angel pee in your mouth! I love when a angel pee in your mouth! Is incredible!"

So of course we called ourselves Jeremie's Angels. Jane was a little concerned that we wouldn't know sports questions, but I told her not to worry, because I had that covered. And I did. The first round was general knowledge, and we nearly swept it (who even knows what the end of a shoelace is called, anyway?!).

Round two was about movies. We were momentarily stumped when asked what the only film to feature Sam Neill and Samuel L. Jackson was, because half of our team didn't know who Sam Neill was. "You know, he's the guy from Jurassic Park; wears a hat like that," I said, pointing to a guy in the bar. It wasn't until like five minutes later that we realized Samuel L. Jackson is in Jurassic Park too, as the tech guy who gets his arm ripped off. We pretty much swept this round as well (who even knows how many Oscars Forrest Gump won, anyway?!).

We knew we had a large lead heading into the final round, which was 'Famous Faces.' We had to identify caricatures of celebrities, not the characters they played, and the only one we got wrong was the guy from Prison Break, because our emcee had mixed up his character's name with his actual name. So basically we rocked Quiz Night.

The second place team had originally called themselves 'Destiny's Child Featuring Jeremie,' but then changed their name to 'My Body's Too Jeremielicious For You Baby.' With all of these Jeremie-inspired names, you would think Jeremie would be around to celebrate with us--but he was nowhere to be found. Taking multiple Vegas Bombs and stealing other people's spaghetti had proven too much for him, and he'd passed out in bed before 10pm.


Anonymous said...

It's called an "aglet."

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Dad read your blog...