19 February 2011

you only turn 23 seven times

Don't worry, I defended my title. I've been here four weeks, and we've played the cereal box game five times, and I haven't lost. Maybe I'm setting myself up for failure by saying that, but it has been well-established that I am the most freakishly flexible person here, because we did the limbo last night. I've never seen pictures of myself bending over backwards that far, but apparently it's pretty impressive, because an former adult film star named Romeo (seriously) who has the same hyperflexibility as me told me it was unbelievable. To clarify, he was impressed by my limbo skills. That's all.

We only played limbo last night because the band scheduled to play did not show up. Ironically, they were called the Clusterfunks. To try and save the night, we took suggestions from guests and decided on limbo, musical chairs (which I did not even attempt due to a disgraceful lack of coordination and embarrassingly slow reflexes), and a striptease contest on the bar--which ended up being surprisingly tame. The winner was Jeremie, who stripped down to his jeans, which were held up with suspenders, and his beanie. He looked like an anorexic lumberjack. Adorable. I had some gay Australians trying to get me up on the bar, but I slipped out of their clutches, rolled over a couch, and kicked open the door to get away. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I could have rocked a striptease, what with the supersexy legwarmers and bulky alpaca sweater I was wearing, but Romeo was already up on the bar, and I'm pretty certain I can't compete with his skills. It ended up being our highest-earning night so far this month.

Thursday night was, as always, karaoke night. I love, love, LOVE to sing, as anyone here can tell you, but karaoke terrifies me. I nervously agreed to be Mitch's backup for 'Airplanes,' singing the Hayley Williams bits ('Can we pretend that the airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now. . .') There were already backup vocals on the track, and my microphone was super quiet, so I was essentially eating the microphone and belting it out, but I don't think that made any difference. I was momentarily flattered a few minutes later when a girl came up to the bar and told me what a great voice I had, but later I realized that she probably hadn't heard me at all, but the original backing vocals. It was good crack anyway.

I've been continuing my birthday celebrations. Tonight's night seven. I will briefly call a cease-birthday on Tuesday, in deference of Chris the barman's 28th birthday, but then shall commence the birthday extravaganza anew.

But anyway, tonight's 80's Night, and I'm behind the bar, so I have to go cut up a tee shirt and buy some new legwarmers. I was so bored yesterday with even one day off, so I can't wait to get back behind the bar and have some fun. Love!


Becky Lundgren said...

Already over an inch of rain, some sleet, and moving toward snow. G'Mom thinks it's time you posted again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with G-mom! Keep the posts coming! We enjoy hearing about all your escapades.