07 February 2011

the great 12-sided stone of cusco

Did you know there's a rock here in Cusco with 12 sides? I sure didn't. I was totally unaware of this epic stone until I walked past it last night with a friend and he pointed it out to me. This rock even has security guards.

I had to take a picture with it. Behold: me, in my hideous sweater jacket, presenting the great 12-sided stone of Cusco. Why is this stone important, you ask? Well, I'm not entirely sure. I know that a lot of buildings here are built with modern stones on top of the Incas' original foundations, so it actually is super old. Someone told me that the 12 sides of the stone correspond to the months of the year or something, but I think it's more important because it shows the care the Incan elite put into their buildings. They carved this stone out to fit the other stones in the wall, and it holds the whole thing together seamlessly. Stonework like that is why the Spanish decided to preserve the original foundations of Cusco and build onto them.

I saw the stone while on the way back from Jack's Cafe, apparently another Cusco must-see. I wasn't terribly impressed because it's a little overpriced, but they did have chocolate milkshakes, which I have been craving for a few weeks now.

And the most important part of this post: I'm bringing legwarmers back. Single-handedly. Or. . . double-leggedly? You can see them in the picture above. I already have three pairs, and I want to get them to match every Loki tee I have. Which is like six tees. So far I've got black legwarmers, maroon legwarmers, and hunter green legwarmers. I need goldenrod yellow and royal blue. . . and maybe pink. We'll see. I'm open to suggestions though.

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