27 February 2011

chester mcbougalballs

Snippet of conversation from last night:

Jeremie: This is my favourite team. [showing jersey] It's Barcelona. From ECUADOR. They use the crest and the name, because they're STUPID.

Apparently there actually is a soccer club from Ecuador which calls itself Barcelona. Jeremie went to one of their matches, and was persuaded to buy a jersey because they desperately needed the support.

Jeremie also told us he sometimes likes to take on fake names, awesome fake names. His favorite of these is Chester. Chester McBougalballs. He says he likes it because it sounds Irish.

Another snippet of conversation, which occurred when Jeremie was caught drinking the leftover drinks which he was supposed to be clearing from tables as part of his job as glassy/barback:

Jamie: Jeremie! Quit drinking the empties, you f***in' idiot!
Jeremie: But. . . I'm glassy tonight!

We had our own Loki Oscar awards last night, and your own Lizzie was decked out in her blue sequined Liza Minelli dress to present. Jeremie won the award for biggest idiot, which he accepted with a speech. He was already drunk by this point.

After the Lokis, I came on in relief of Kathleen, who was a little sick. It was my sixth shift this week. I didn't change out of the dress, because I'm starting to get a little cocky as the world's greatest barmaid. Dressing as Liza Minelli for work is my way of telling the world that I can tend bar better than any one of the guys I work with, and I'll do it while wearing a dress. Although I'm sure Jeremie would have no problem wearing one while 'working.'

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